Create an incredible

sex life leveraging Astrology.

Revolutionize your intimate connections by exploring your Big Personality.

Magical services for you.

Here are my offers based on Astrology, Intuitive Healing, Shadow Work, Journaling, Relationships, Sex & Intimacy.

Astrology Blueprints

Natal/Birth Chart Reading

Align w/ Your Soul’s Purpose

Astrology Blueprints will revolutionize your life

Explore your Soul’s Purpose 

You’ll understand your personal identity and main inner drives. I will help you express your big personality and guide you to your soul’s mission.

Create your Success Path

I’ll show you how to map your success path by highlighting your greatest strengths. Pursue your desires abundantly without permission or external validation.

Develop your Intuitive Strategy

From your Natal Chart, I’ll give you the master key to make decisions from your pure and connected Heart. Through this knowledge, you will expand your sense of freedom and adventure.

Create Intimate Relations & an Incredible Sex Life

I’ll help you create safe, intimate, and sensual relationships by understanding your emotional attachments. Based on your Natal Chart, we’ll unravel your attraction style and hidden desires in sexuality and love. This leads you to an incredible sex life and secure relationships.

AUDIO: Personal Astrology Forecast
  • Recording Time: 5-10 Minutes
  • Price: $44
  • What do you receive?

Personal Astrology Forecast based on your Sun and Ascendant/Rising per voice message directly to your phone.

  • How do you profit?
    • Decision-making support
    • Heals relationship dynamics
    • Supports sexual exploration
    • Clarifies identity confusion
  • How do you receive the recording?
    • Simply tell me where you want to listen: WhatsApp or Google Drive Download

Yes, I want to receive my forecast NOW!

LIVE VIDEO Chart Introduction
  • Time: 20min
  • Price: $88
  • Location: Zoom

What is Included?

  • 1:1 Basic Introduction into your Natal Chart with Pernell Bobby

Add-On Possibility

  • Session Recording + $11

    Yes, I want to Book a Reading NOW!

    LIVE VIDEO Intuitive Natal Chart Reading
    • Time: 45min
    • Price: $177
    • Location: Zoom

    What is Included?

    • 1:1 Natal Chart Reading to clarify your personal challenges with Pernell Bobby

    Add-On Possibility

    • Recording of the Session + $11

    Yes, I want to Book a Reading NOW!

    LIVE VIDEO Exclusive Natal Chart Reading
    • Time: 70min
    • Price: $288
    • Location: Zoom

    What is Included?

    • 1:1 Deep Dive into your Natal Chart with Pernell Bobby
    • Intuitive Healing
    • Personal Follow-Up
    • Recording of the Session
    • Extra Time for Q&A clarification

      Yes, I want to Book a Reading NOW!

      FAQ: What you need for your Reading
      • Birthday
      • Exact Birth Time – Ask your mom
      • Birth City
      Natal Chart Reading

      Sexual Expansion

      1:1 Astrology Based Mentoring

      Overcome The Fear of Intimacy

      One [1] Month

      Why your Sex Life reflects your Best Life

      SEX is everywhere, but how do you create real intimate connections with a lover?

      Together we will discover …

      • Your attraction style
      • Your emotional attachments
      • Your hidden desires & fantasies
      • Your illusions around sex & love
      • Your secure standards to feel safe

      We will develop your …

      • Own love language
      • Own approach to sex
      • Own relationship concept
      • Own strategy of how to love
      • Own way to practice intimacy

      Based on your unique Astrology Blueprint.

      Start your Sexual Expansion Now!

      Guidance Timeframe: 1 Month

      Price: $1.444,-

      Location: Zoom (In-person options available)

      What is included?

      • 1 Sexual Expansion Video Call
        • 60 Minutes – Weekly
      • Exclusive WhatsApp Support
        • My Personal Line
      • Intuitive Healing Strategies
        • Shadow Work
        • Yoni Massage
        • Chakra Healing
        • Semen Retention
        • Inner Child Work
        • Practicing Consent
        • Sexual Transmutation & More
      • Personal Assignments
      • Free Writing Workshops
        • Community Access
        • Self-Discovery Journaling

      How do I start my journey?

      Pernell offers limited support for personal guidance, so please check the link below to see if he currently has spots available.

      Yes, I want to check availability Now!

      Moon Cycle Tribe

      Writing Workshops

      Set Energetic Boundaries

      Live Community: Bi-Weekly

      The Moon Cycle Tribe:
      Community + Deep Inner Reflection

      You’ll have the chance to reflect on your inner thoughts with questions designed to release karmic energies, understand personal changes, and proceed with clarity.


      • Share Your Revelations
      • Breathwork & Movement
      • Multi-Cultural Experience
      • Practice Emotional Acceptance
      • Reflect & Explore Your Intuition
      • Expand Your Powerful Personality!


      Astrology Forecast

      Your Sun & Ascendant sign may reveal the individual shifts in your identity, and much more. When the New Moon & Full Moon approaches our forecast will keep you grounded.

      Join Our Divine Tribe
      Fuse Masculine & Feminine Energy to Honor Inner Balance

      New Moon: Sets a six-month culmination cycle

      Full Moon: Ends a six-month culmination cycle

      We meet twice a month before the New Moon & Full Moon with our Moon Cycle Tribe:

      Astrology Forecast



      We meet twice a month to honor & discuss Women & Men’s perceptions & barriers.

      $44 Monthly Subscription

      The Tribe is our most valuable support system at an affordable rate. 


      6 Week PureHeart Leadership Journey

      The Magic Begins July 25th, 2021









      Here are a few results you can expect working with me! 

      "Never Imagined that!" - Titas, Lithuania

      "Now I can see it!" - Summer, N.C.

      "Is it Possible?" - Sabrina, Italy

      "I feel connected!" - Tomas, Chile

      "Is that really me?" - Drew, CT

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